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Types Of Abaya fabric

Abaya fabric

1. Lexus - Woven, Soft hand-feel with a nice drape quality and has a matte finished

2. Internet -Thick, slightly slippery to touch and have a slightly shinning overtone

3. Nidha - Soft and luxurious, the more expensive abayas are usually made from this fabric. Nidha comes in different quality. The better the quality the higher the price of the abaya.

4. Jersey - Stretchy knit fabric mostly used to make Farasha abayas because of its beautiful drape quality. It is also used for abayas that have fitted sleeves

5. Poly Crepe - There are a few kinds of poly crepe ranging from lightweight to medium weight. It has great drape quality, has a smooth matte finished.

6. Pebble Poly crepe - Most Abaya from Jordan is made from pebble poly-crepe fabric. The surface has an obvious weave and the finished is not as smooth as the other poly-crepe.

7. Satin - Soft, slippery satin feel with shiny finished

8. Chiffon - Chiffon is lightweight soft see-through fabric and used for making flowy fancy kaftan. Most of these fancy kaftan will either team-up with Satin underdress or chiffon knit mesh underdress that will not add weight to the kaftan

Most Dubai abayas are either made from an Internet or Lexus fabric. The prices vary depending on the weight and quality of those fabric, the embroidery and the rhinestone used. Regardless of the material used the abaya could be slightly see-through so wearing a half-slip or skirt under the abaya would be advisable.


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