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Wearing Abaya Is Fun and heaven for lazy!

Wearing Abaya Is Fun and heaven for lazy!
hijab is fun

Yes, you read it right!
Many women find it very boring to wear abaya these days especially covering the head, but if you look at it from a positive perspective, it's fun and time saving for lazy girls like my sister.

No time for a hairstyle? wear a hijab( headscarf).
Bad hair day? or forgot to dye? Just drape that scarf over your hair.

bad hair cut

Wearing some tight clothes! Want to avoid some attention?
You have Abaya to protect it.

model hijab

You threw on your shabby clothes, thinking you are only going to buy some groceries at the supermarket, and then you accidentally bumped into a friend who invites you for a lunch at the food court! No Problem mate you don't have to go back home and change, no one can see you that you are dressed like a bum, because you are in Abaya!
You can enjoy your lunch your abaya will hide your grubby clothes!
So next time you can go to a grocery store in your pajamas since Abaya will cover it up! Lol!

In case your bathrobe in the wash? No issues! Use your abaya around the house!

On a business trip and you forgot to carry your formals!
You got an abaya to save you! And No one will say "hey where're your formals."

You can Use it as handsfree. check this meme

My sister is the laziest lady I know she has got some five different abayas for her college, she doesn't have to worry about the uniform or looks as she wears different abaya every day.

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Grammar Nazis! Forgive me if you found mistakes, my medium of education wasn't English, I'm still in the learning stage. Lol!

Keep coming back on this blog. I'll be writing more in coming days. just leave your comments and suggestions.

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  • Saba

    Lol, Very Relatable

  • Qudsia

    You have me in stitches! I’m laughing so hard 😂

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