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This Is How My Sister Celebrated Hifza's Birthday.


My sister never ceases to amaze me!

While I celebrated Hifza's birthday by writing poetry and eating her favorite chocolates, my sister did something different that brought a smile to my face.

She visited an orphanage to celebrate Hifza's birthday with gifts and chocolates. She never met Hifza yet thought of celebrating Hifza's birthday.  

Here are some smiling faces like the smile of Hifza.

She said these kids were thinking it's her birthday and were wishing her then she Informed them it's Hifza's Birthday, not her.


niqabi entrepreneur

Niqabi Entrepreneur Selfie 😘

Here is the video of Little Angels smiling after opening gifts  😍😍

About my sister; She wants to be a Niqabi Entrepreneur, pursuing her post-graduation while helping me in building this apparel brand named after Hifza.


"Smilie of Hifza"

Hifza Apparel has pledged to donate 20% of its profits towards the education of the underprivileged children.

Please leave any feedback/suggestions you have in comments. 

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